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Dror Fellowship: Center for youth ‘’going out of the religious and Haredic society"

 ע מותת דר ור: כתובת גוש חלב 21 ת"א 64581                   ע"ר: 58-035-530-3  ומוכרת כמוסד לעניין תרומות.              

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  THE FELLOWSHIP'  GOAL                                                                                                   


A. The main goal is to extend full and combined care to the youth ''going out of the religious and Haredic society ''G.O.R.S.’’, that will enable them to integrate fully and completely into the secular z society.                                                                                                                            


B. Paving the road for each and every youngster to utilise their full potential.


C. bringing out the subject out in the open, to become part of the public agenda; aspiration and anitiation for a Knesset legislation under which the ''G.O.R.S.’’ will get the exact same benefits as accorded to new emigrants.


D. Raising funds to fulfil the above   mentioned goals; Receiving financial aid and grants from governmental ministry departments, the local municipality, public funds and contributions from the general public.



1. A supportive family is attached to each youngster.                                                                                  


2. The Fellowship takes care of the youngster's physical and mental health                                                  .


3. The fellowship hires apartments and rents them out in a  subsidised fee.


4. Grunting scholarships and student grants for Academic Studies, Scholarships to study the use of computers as well as for a study of a useful profession


5. Extending help to integrate into the military service.


6. Operating a social and educational centre.


7. Setting out an Internet Site.


8. Organising  Fund-Raising evenings.   


9. Petitioning to the ‘’High Court'' against the ‘’ Governmental Inheritance Fund'' and the Education Ministry to reverse their refusal to grant us financial support out of their



 10. Setting up a lobby in the Knesset in order  to get support to pass the legislation as

 mentioned in paragraph C of the Fellowship’s Goals.




 Leaving the Haredic world is a painful process of the transition strict and harsh framework into a free and liberal one. Youngster who has set his mind to leaving back adequate skills that may help him/her to integrate into the secular world.

 The Haredic  society ties up youngster to itself in a way that leaving it becomes, almost an impossible mission. Due to the instructions and commands of the chief Rabbies they are equipped only with a basic education/ the information they get about the outside world deliberately distorted and false/ Those of them that start asking question arrive at a wondering point: is this the right to pass our life?

Making out their mind to leave, puts them in unfamiliar and frightening situation/ What is clear and evident to secular youngster their age, as: to look for and find work, renting an apartment, study, travel, dance, and swim – all this were beyond their dreams.

When the active transition takes place, the freedom of choice becomes a cenrtal motive in their lives.

The transition from the Haredic to the secular society is a process which significant to emigrating from one society to the other, with all the implications

A huge gap unreasonable grospable exists in the Israeli society with regard to grants      

and financial aid distributed to those consider "Return back to become Haredic religious" contrast to  the Going-out or "Y.R.H.S"  

coming backThere is a notion of legitimacy to the

Publication that call to do so are publicy announced The Returning back a movement inflicts a double damage to the society which is direct consequence is - diminution of those that take part in the circle of work,  on one hand,  and the increase number of those getting allocations from the National Insurance on the other.

Associations that deal with  "Returning back" and those approaching them, get generous assistance in contrast to them "Going out" that have to make their way in the darkness. They have to cope with survival and existence difficulties solely on their own. They are not recognised by any public institution except the "I.D.F." (Israel Dfence Force), as a unique population, and as such, are not entitled to any special rights what so ever, all this their high capacity to contribute to the economical, social cultural endvancment of the state. No reasonable person would understand why and how does such a distorted and intolerable situation exist.


Dror Fellowship was found in order to change radically this state of affair from the ground.


Protected accommodation/Hostel and subsidised housing                                                 

In order to enable all the application whom appeal to the fellowship to materialise their potential in full. It is essential to provide them with accommodation solution for youth at the age 16 - 20  it is necessary to set up protected accommodation/Hostel frame and to youngest over 20 years it is essential to provide subsidized accommodation. The living duration will last approximately one year, in accordance to the circumstance.

These frameworks will apart according to other accepted frameworks.

Such a significant help in accommodation will ensure and enable to survive and acquire education.

The indispensability of founding unique and budget frameworks.




A. Integrating in existing frameworks Absorbance in "Protected accomodation"did not come well, such frameworks do not suit those who left the Haredic world, Their uniqeness derive, among other causes, from a totall framing off whatever connected them with their past: family, friends. Their whole familiar world has suddenly collapsed and vanished.                                                   .

 And they have no where to return to no placee                                                                                   


            .B. Abssorbanc in a fasering family.                                                                                      Exemination of results prove that they cannot integrate  within the fosrering families intimate weare. Due to their being exceptional they act in a noncoordinated manner   and therefore cause embarassments and find themselves in the center of  misundersanding. One has to be aware of it in order not to be angry with, not to get     hurt and not to hurt. Those youngsters have some identity-shaping problems. The new   situarion requires organizing their self-identity. Summing up the conclutions shows                                   inorder to  facilitate their .

    From the above mentional reason, one  can see that their condion is convoluted and full of almost unpassable difficulties. The passage is interralated, as mentional, in the  need to integrate in a srange, unfamiliar alienated world with no brother or friend to associate with or get any advice. They need to get everything on their on own and by themselves. Like a newborn baby they to oreate their world a new. The solution are    extremly difficult, due to inherence of variuos codes and problems. Whatever is            interlate in customs and interaction among people is unfamiliar to them. Inorder to be well absorbed in the seculare society they need mental help and  supportive family in which they could find alternative framework to the one which they lost. And  assistance  in coping with the existence difficulties.   Setting up exclusive protected housing,           cooperate accomodation hostel and assistance in subsidized accomodation  require      support from the Tel Aviv municipality as well as from the relevant                              government ministry deparments, namely wellfare, education,  health and



B. Mental help                                                                                                                  


Abandoning the Haredic world interrelared in a tornoff, orisis situation, without any support. The youngsters need to mingle with their own age group and a supportive enviroment. They suffer from their inability to build an identefing group. Towards their biological famileis the youngster have developed guilt feeling. A well known fact  is that a "Going out with question" youngsters  is considered a "rotten apple" and by their act have damaged the prospects of "good matchmaking" for their sibling.        In most cases they have disrupted  their connection to their bilogical families.            

The society which they left abuses them in various ways. This is a frightenung and frustrating situation. A lot of them suffer from enxiety depression. These youngsters  arrive to us after have ceased to belive in religion and the secular society does not         offer them substitute beliving.  In the difficult moment of leaving their old world nothing expects them but severe lonliness and the result: "Going out in question" live in a mental distress interelated in dangerous conditions.                                           


 C. Educational center: social and cultural                                                 


The fellowship  social  educational center carries culture and social activities. Jurneies,   long weekends stay in Kibutsim, meeting, workshops, lectures and swimming lesoons.

 The goal off these activities is to create sympathetic enviroment for  the individual         

which will enable to meet and make  friends and subsequently come out of their  loneliness. Workshops, where the youngster learn how to cope with their mental difficulties, introducion to the culture and custom of a democratic society in general and particularly in Israel                                                                                                           

       Subject of discussion are: The principals of a democratic regime; Human rights and his freedom; Gurding the rule of law;  Freedom of chice, that the undividual to be    the master of his own faith and live in according to his belief. Seperation of

from the state.


  D. Completion of basic education, sdudy for a useful profession, academic studies 


The fellowship has taken upon itself  to help in complation of education, studies for a useful profession, helping in finding employment and accommodation to all applicants, Uptodate, the followship takes care of education completion and requiring a useful         profession suitable to each individual capabilities. Youngster who study in academic frame receive a scolarship according the tuition fee. The fellowship helps each and every one to find a suitable scholing instituation, relying on a professional advice from  the "Employment Service".     "The going out with question" are inteligent  people, honest and brave. They studied  how to make use of their brains. With the help of those qulities they succeed in closing up   educationalgapes.                                                                                                                                                                                                  



 Absorbance of youngster that come to us from the Haredic world, is difficult and takes a long time. They have difficult and takes a long time. They have difficulties in creating connection and understanding in the secular world.                                                            

They are no one children                                                                                                


 A change in their legal ststus has to take place as soon as possible, so that the departee of the Haredic world will be recognized as a population with special needs: In education,  in schooling, habitationand so forth.  The fellowship approached members of Knesset in the porpose to bring about the

 changes in that legistlation, so that a status as a new emigrants will be granted, with all the benefits attached, to the "Going out with question".                                                    

 It is to point out, that for those who leave, aged 14 - 20  it is neccesary to give                supportive framework including economical and mental support. Without such help they might reach the street. With out help they remain in high risk that might deteriorate to crime , drugs and prostitution. Dror fellowship extend help to those determinded to leave the Haredic world. Only those interested and capable to integriate in the seculare society will be absorbed in the fellowship. In other words, will to study for proffession and will to work. Assitance to departees of the Haredic world is a matter of life and death and stands above all ideological consideration.                                                       

In fulfillung the fellowship goals there are not ideological motives involved. The help is extended of sheer humanistic reasons:


Concern for social justice and support to a population in distress, by doing so we fulfill a jewish commandment                                            

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